Wednesday, November 16, 2011

5 Signs of Short Term Memory Loss

Your elderly loved one has undoubtedly changed over the years, perhaps they are not as active or as healthy as they once were. For many individuals, Alzheimer's Disease, dementia, and Parkinson's disease are major concerns, and these illnesses and others often manifest themselves in the form of short term memory loss.
To help keep your elderly loved one as healthy and happy as possible, it is crucial that you pay close attention and catch short term memory loss right when it begins. The following are five signs that short term memory loss may be present.
  1. Decline in cognitive capabilities. Forgetting recent events or activities can be difficult to pinpoint at first, but this symptom of short term memory loss can quickly escalate and even cause dementia. Individuals with this symptom may have a difficult time planning or organizing, may forget to take their medicine, or may not pay bills on time.
  2. Speech confusion. When elderly individuals have a difficult time finding the right words, or mix up the meaning of common words, this may be a sign of short term memory loss.
  3. Changes in mood or personality. Individuals who suffer from short term memory loss may have the constant feeling that something is... off. This can prompt them to act in a different way than normal, and may cause anxiety or other distress.
  4. Disorientation. Though visiting a new place can be disorienting for anyone, it is something that most people can navigate. For individuals who have short term memory loss, coping with unfamiliar surroundings can be difficult because they may not remember how they arrived in this new place.
  5. Repetitiveness. Elderly individuals who suffer from short term memory loss may ask the same question several times, or repeatedly make the same observation.
Though there really is no cure for memory loss, mild cases can be treated. The key is to address the issue quickly, before it becomes too severe. By watching out for these five signs of memory loss, you may be able to pinpoint short term issues and have them treated quickly. Additionally, paying close attention to the behavior of your elderly loved one will also allow you to better care for their needs.

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  1. Many people suffer with short term memory loss and do not even realize it. This is where they will have trouble retaining information that they just heard, anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes.

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