Monday, July 14, 2014

Important Fitness Tips for Seniors

An important part of senior care is helping your elderly loved one stay active as they age. Exercise and physical activity are a key component to a healthy lifestyle, and many studies have shown that exercise offers an array of health benefits that seniors can enjoy, simply by incorporating moderate physical activity into their daily life. It can prevent or help loved ones recover from falls, keep bones strong, and stave off weakness or strength loss that often accompanies aging. 
Exercise can also help your loved one stay fit and strong enough to continue doing the activities or hobbies they enjoy. But before starting a physical activity routine, it is important that your older relative or friend speak with their health care provider. A Durham physician can advise on which types of exercises are beneficial and which could do more harm than good. Your loved one should always get the approval of a doctor before starting a routine. 
A physical activity regimen for an older adult will likely look different than one for a younger person. But by modifying exercise, seniors can find activities that work for their bodies and discover new activities that suit their personalities. There are many exercises that can be done virtually anywhere, even in the home, which is essential for providing great home care for your loved one. A good routine should include endurance, strength, balance, and flexibility exercises. Consider these tips when working with your older loved one in choosing a physical activity program that suits their needs.
Strength. Lifting weights or using body weight is an important part of exercise. It helps to build muscle strength and keep your loved one better able to hold their balance and continue enjoying the activities they do daily. Improving strength will help them to move around the house, get out of bed, do grocery shopping, and complete many other everyday chores or activities they want or need to do.
Endurance. Cardiovascular endurance exercises refer to anything that will increase your loved one’s heart rate. Many older adults go for walks, take a bike ride, or go swimming to get their heart rate up. Some seniors may not be able to do cardiovascular exercise for more than a few minutes at a time. But with practice, they can build up their endurance and go for much longer. This is important, as many household activities require endurance. For example, gardening or going up and down stairs require cardiovascular strength, and a workout routine that focuses on endurance can make many of these daily activities easier and more enjoyable.
Balance. Focusing on balance is highly important for older adults. Such exercises can increase muscle strength in the core and legs. By improving balance, your loved one can better prevent falls, which could lead to major injury or even death. 
Stretching. Your older relative or friend can improve their flexibility by stretching regularly. It will increase their range of movement and reduce their risk of injury if they do fall. Even more, it will make daily activities easier because it will help your loved one move more freely and with less pain.
Remember that before starting any exercise routine, your older loved one should receive their doctor’s clearance. But you can help care for elderly family or friends by working with them and their physician to find the best routines for their individual needs, capabilities, and styles. 


  1. Thanks for posting these tips for seniors! My grandfather is getting older and is less active so these are tips I'll be sure to pass on to him. We are looking into home care as well because of his age and limitation. Thanks again!

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