Thursday, July 17, 2014

Senior-Friendly Travel Destinations

A travel spot that accommodates your older loved one’s interests, physical abilities, and budget doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, there are many fantastic senior-friendly travel spots that the whole family can enjoy. 
Unlike younger travelers, seniors are not as inclined to be satisfied with a buffet and basic lodging. Rather, they may have developed a taste for the finer things, and appreciate more elegant foods, drinks, and sights. Some senior-friendly destinations might offer foods from famous restaurants, vineyard tours, or exceptional attractions. In many cases, a senior-friendly spot might offer a rich cultural heritage and history that makes visiting worthwhile. 
In addition to having different tastes than younger travelers, your loved one may also have special needs that should be addressed before picking a destination. If that is the case, your travel spot should provide lots of mobile accessibility, accessibility to medical care, accessibility to new and old interests, and a positive sensory environment. 
Whether your loved one is a solo vacationer or you want to plan a trip you can take together, consider these fantastic destinations that are popular choices among older travelers of all styles and abilities.
Live Shows and Entertainment
Las Vegas. “Sin City” is not just for those seeking adventure or gambling. Rather, there are many amazing live shows, lots of shopping, endless dining, and incredible sights to see—and many expenses like lodging, eating, and entertainment are surprisingly budget friendly. 
Branson, Missouri. This hot spot is popular all year round, especially for senior vacationers. There are so many things to do and see, and they are all located fairly close together. You can play golf, explore museums, see the city’s famous shows, go shopping, and more. The music theaters and other popular attraction venues were originally built as an alternative to Las Vegas by providing affordable, wholesome entertainment options for the whole family. Plus, there are lots of things for kids to do if the whole family is traveling together. 
Thanks to specialized beach wheelchairs, boardwalks that go to the water’s edge, and beach mats, beaches are more wheelchair-friendly than ever before.
Hanauma Bay. In Honolulu, Hawaii, this beach loans beach wheelchairs at no charge for any visitors with mobility challenges. 
Ludington State Park. This beach in Ludington, Michigan, offers beach wheelchairs at Hamlin Lake, as well as at Lake Michigan beach houses. There is also a wheelchair accessible boardwalk. 
Theme Parks
If your elderly loved one would enjoy a destination that offers lots of positive sensory input, a theme park can provide just that. With lots of sights to see, fun rides to take, and endless paths to explore, these are ideal spots for many older travelers.
Disney World and Disney Land. Travelers of any age are likely to enjoy these world-class theme parks. Famous faces, rides that are known around the globe, and more, Disney World and Disney Land are a shoo-in for your next senior-friendly vacation.
Holiday World. This theme park, located in rural Indiana, is known as the most family-friendly theme park in the nation. Even more, it costs far less than other better-known parks, making it a great choice for those traveling on a budget.
When providing elder care to your loved one, make sure to work with them to find the best vacation for their needs and their style. Discuss their preferences and capabilities, and explore your options to learn which vacation will bring them the most enjoyment and make the greatest memories as you spend some quality time outside of Durham!


  1. I would love to travel with my grandparents. I don't know of any senior-friendly vacation spots. I would love to take a look at this list and choose a place for our next family reunion.

  2. I've never heard of beach wheelchairs. My grandma would have loved that. She was in a wheelchair for a while before she passed.

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