Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Managing Mom's Checkbook

The senior care providers of Chapel Hill understand that helping elderly loved ones with their finances can be a challenge. Take, for example, Lilia and her mother, Stella. Stella is a fiercely independent woman who has always managed her finances meticulously. As she has aged, it has become more and more difficult for her to keep her checkbook balanced and her bills in order. Stella's home care professional has encouraged Lilia to seek the services of a Professional Money Manager.

The management of an elderly loved one's funds can become a complex process. With mounting senior care bills and, quite often, a fixed income, maintaining a positive balance in your mother's checkbook could prove to be a formidable obstacle. Professional Money Managers are able to take this task over—allowing you to stop stressing about money and continue looking out for your elderly loved one.

The benefits of hiring a Professional Money Manager are many, and the services of this professional will often complement the services of home care providers. These benefits include:

1.       The peace of mind that comes with knowing all of your elderly loved one's bills are paid on time.

2.       Financial guidance in terms of what is and is not affordable based on the fixed or limited income of many seniors.

3.       A significant reduction in the stress that the many aspects of senior care can cause.

4.       The ability to have all financial assets managed by one, neutral professional.

Senior care encompasses many aspects of living, from performing daily functions to medical care to financial services. The services provided by Professional Money Managers are crucial to many individuals who rely upon home care professionals. Maintaining financial records, paying bills, and keeping a balanced checkbook are often second to ensuring that your loved one is safe and healthy. As such, Professional Money Managers provide elder care services that allow you and your family to concentrate on more important aspects of senior care.

Lilia and Stella are glad they chose to hire a Professional Money Manager. Discussions about finances were becoming tense; now, the Professional Money Manager handles all related issues and communicates regularly with Stella and her daughter. In this way, Professional Money Managers provide an invaluable service to elderly individuals.

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