Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Home Safety: Winterizing Your Senior's Property

During the winter months seniors face a variety of challenges that are sparked by cold weather. To ensure that these challenges do not compromise the safety of your elderly loved one, it is important to ensure that their homes are winterized and able to withstand the harsh weather that this season may produce. Here are a few tips to assist you in making sure that your senior's house is safe and secure during the upcoming colder months.

  1. Check the heating system. An effective heater is an integral part of keeping your loved one comfortable as cooler weather approaches. The health of elderly individuals is a bit more vulnerable to environmental changes than that of younger people, so it is important that the living area is kept at the right temperature. Make sure that the system is running and that the filter is clean. Additionally, close the vents in any rooms that your loved one does not use so that all of the heat is directed toward their living area.
  2. Ensure that the home is properly insulated. Having the right insulation in the attic is very important, as hot air rises and you do not want all of your senior's warm air to escape out of the top of their home. If necessary, have new insulation installed to keep heating costs down and create a more comfortable living environment for your loved one.
  3. Check outdoor spigots. If any of these fixtures are left running, even if they are just dripping, they can create dangerous patches of ice. If these ice patches are located in certain spots, they can cause your elderly loved one to slip and fall. Make sure that all spigots are off and that there are no leaks in the pipes or fixtures.
  4. Search your senior's house for any drafts. Check the windows and doors for broken seals and other issues.
Winterizing your loved one's home will allow you to create a safer living space for your senior. These are just a few of the ways in which you can make sure their house is secure; you may also want to consult with a local home improvement professional regarding ways in which you can improve the safety of your loved one's property this season.

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