Friday, May 17, 2013

Women Aged 75+: What Health Screenings Are Necessary?

Health screenings are an important component of a well-rounded healthcare routine. It is crucial that elderly individuals are tested for certain conditions so that their doctors can detect any medical concerns as soon as possible, meaning that the odds of successfully addressing these concerns are improved. The elder care professionals in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, encourage women who are over the age of 75 to ensure that they are getting the right tests done when they go to the doctor's office. Here are their recommendations:1

  • Blood pressure tests allow healthcare professionals to ensure that blood is pumping through the body as it should be. It is important that individuals have these tests done at least every two years; however, blood pressure is nearly always taken at the beginning of a doctor's appointment, so it is easy to keep up with this particular screening.
  • Cholesterol levels can indicate the potential for heart disease if they are abnormal. Blood tests should be done every five years to determine if LDL, HDL, and total cholesterol levels are in the right range. If they aren't, a physician will probably recommend lifestyle changes to help bring these measurements to a healthy level.
  • Osteoporosis is a health condition that can lead to broken bones—which are extremely painful. Additionally, this medical concern can make even the most routine of activities dangerous if it becomes serious enough. By having an x-ray done every two to five years, women can have their doctors check on their bone density to determine if they have or are at risk of developing osteoporosis. Should this condition start to emerge, doctors can assist women with making dietary and exercise changes to strengthen the bones. Additionally, they can recommend medications to help keep their patients as healthy as possible.
The aging process naturally creates changes in the body; however, it is important that your elderly loved one is aging in a healthy way. By having these and other key screenings performed regularly, your senior can keep an eye on their health while enjoying their golden years. Additionally, they can detect any issues that may arise as quickly as possible.

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