Saturday, October 12, 2013

Inspiring and Exciting Home Activities for Your Senior

Even if your elderly loved one has lost the mobility they once enjoyed, there’s no reason that they have to sit at home mindlessly watching television all day. According to eldercare professionals, there are plenty of inspiring and fun activities that a homebound senior can enjoy with family and friends. Some of these choices include:

  • Studying genealogy: Family members can bond with their senior as they take some time to research the family’s ancestry. It’s often eye opening to learn about distant relatives, and to track the family’s progression to America.
  • Painting: Even if your elderly loved one struggles with fine motor skills, painting can be the perfect pastime. They can find a brush size that works for them, and create paintings that allow them to express themselves. Regardless of whether the work is museum-worthy or not, seniors will get a kick out of turning broad brushstrokes into their own unique piece.
  • Learning about new subjects: Thanks to the Internet, seniors can learn about any subject they please without having to venture to a museum or library to do it. Is your loved one interested in woodworking? Watch some videos on the topic. Does the elderly individual love exotic places? Take them on a Google Maps tour of Mount Everest or the Amazon. They’ll get the thrill of seeing a new place and learning about an unfamiliar subject without having to leave the comfort of their home. 
  • Scrapbooking: Home care professionals encourage seniors and their loved ones to work together to create a scrapbook. The book can detail family vacations, milestones, or the elderly individual’s childhood. The finished product is beautiful to look at and has sentimental value, making it the perfect project to work on together.
  • Catching up with friends: For seniors, loneliness can become a problem. To ward off feelings of isolation, encourage your elderly loved one to catch up with friends. The two can discuss their families, and can provide each other with emotional support. Having someone to care for and think about helps to keep a senior feeling fulfilled.

If you’re looking for ways to keep your senior engaged even when they can’t leave the home, these easy, inspiring activities are perfect. Work together with your elderly loved one so they have some company as they pursue a new hobby.

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