Thursday, November 7, 2013

Falling: Techniques for Getting Back Up

Falling is one of the most dangerous accidents that a senior can have, as the injuries that they sustain from a fall can range from nonexistent to fatal. According to professionals who care for elderly in Chapel Hill, preventing falls is a wonderful way to cut down on the number of injuries that the senior population sustains, as a whole, each year. But home care professionals recognize that all falls aren't avoidable. As such, these senior care providers urge individuals to help elderly loved ones learn different techniques to get up after falling down.

According to elder care professionals at, an average of one out of every three seniors will fall on an annual basis. Additionally, 25 percent of hospital admissions and 40 percent of nursing home admissions are due to falls.1 This is why it's extremely important to make certain that seniors can, if they do fall, get up and call for the help they need. Below are a few techniques that has provided that you can teach your loved one.
  • Lay still to calm down and make certain that there are no severe injuries. Identify any sore parts of the body and try not to exacerbate these injuries. 
  • Find a sturdy piece of furniture or other item that can be used when standing up. Roll over from the back to the stomach and to all fours. 
  • Take time to let the body settle and blood pressure to normalize. 
  • Crawl to the furniture or other item that was identified earlier. 
  • Slowly stand using the stable item and find a place to sit. 
Should a senior have injuries from the fall it is essential that they seek medical assistance immediately. If it is an emergency, they should dial 911 for an ambulance. If not, it is important to call a friend or family member to come over and help them to the doctor's office, urgent care office, or emergency room, depending upon their needs. Even if there are no injuries, though, your loved one should report the fall to their doctor so that they can better identify what caused the accident and how to prevent another from occurring in the future.


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