Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Hidden Benefits of Aging

While there are certainly some unappealing components of the aging process, getting older actually presents some unexpected perks. Those who are disheartened about the idea of getting older should keep these benefits in mind in order to embrace this new phase of life:

Less is more when it comes to food

Seniors often have a diminished appetite compared to what they may have experienced in their younger years. While it is important to make sure that this does not lead to poor nutrition, it can also help to keep weight in check. When just a few bites of a delicious dessert satisfy you, it’s easy to avoid overeating. 

Life is more relaxing

For parents who are working and raising children, life moves at a million miles per minute. However, seniors have already raised their children, and many have retired. This means that they’re able to slow down a bit and truly enjoy life. Instead of rushing from the gym to work to the kids’ recital to dinner and to bed, your elderly loved one can take some time to savor quiet, peaceful moments. They can relax with a cup of coffee on the porch, read a good book, or just take a nap. This slower-paced lifestyle is beneficial for senior health.

You’re surrounded by family

Senior care professionals explain that family becomes highly important as a person ages. A person in their 20s and 30s often spends their time seeking out the right partner and trying to advance at work. An elderly individual has typically already married and had children, and may even have grandchildren. Instead of trying to find the right people to surround themselves with, they have them and can enjoy their company. 

Problem solving is easier

While many people think a person’s mental peak is in their 20s, new studies show that people may actually be better at logical reasoning and problem solving as they get older.1 Years of experience allow an older brain to seek out patterns and make connections, thus making it easier to come up with quick solutions to dilemmas. Instead of having to take time to research and analyze, a person can draw upon past experience in order to respond accordingly.

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