Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Helping Your Senior Pick the Perfect Walking Aid

A walking aid is a powerful tool for your senior, as it allows them to maintain their balance, while still enjoying full mobility. There are a number of different reliable walking aids on the market today, so the choice truly depends on what works best for your elderly loved one. Some of the most popular options include the following listed below.

A single point cane

Senior health professionals explain that this cane is perfect for those who need a little extra support in order to fight off discomfort. It’s great for taking some of the burden off of the legs, but is not an appropriate choice when your elderly loved one can’t put any weight at all on their lower extremities.

A quad cane

This option is the ideal selection for someone who needs more stability than a single point cane can offer, but isn’t ready for a walker yet.

A walker

According to those who work in elder care, Chapel Hill families should invest in a walker for an elderly loved one who has poor balance or lacks upper body strength. The devices have advanced greatly in the past few years, and now come with many convenient options and features to make use of. A walker is generally regarded as the best and most supportive walking aid, though it is more cumbersome than a cane.

Knee walker

Those who care for elderly individuals note that many seniors who can’t put weight on their legs opt to rely on a knee walker. It allows them to get around faster than they would on crutches, but without the bulk of a traditional walker. 


Crutches work for someone who can’t put any weight on the lower extremities; however, they are best used by an elderly individual with good balance and upper body strength. In most cases, crutches are not a long-term option. They can be useful if your senior is recovering from a temporary injury.

The right walking aid for your elderly parent truly depends on their comfort level, balance abilities, and upper body strength. Each of these various options allows a senior to get around in a more safe and comfortable way. They can be easily transported and help to take some of the burden off of legs and feet. 

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