Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Checklists for Evaluating Assisted Living Facilities

When researching options for assisted living, Durham families can reach out to the city for guidance. Durham helps place seniors with assisted living facilities. But before taking the first seemingly great option that comes along, consider the specific needs and preferences of your loved one. Elder care is a highly personal service, and it is important to choose a facility wisely. A great fit will greatly enhance your loved one’s quality of life. 
It is important to note that assisted living can refer to a wide variety of services and settings. Some are bare-bones, while others provide more comprehensive care. Services may include housekeeping, cooking meals, reminding residents about medications, on-site assistance by nurses, and help with everyday activities like dressing and bathing. 
Deciding on a facility for a loved one can be a difficult task, and choosing the right one will require some effort. But by taking your family member’s needs and personality into consideration, you can work with them to find their ideal fit. Here are some important points to consider when evaluating your assisted living facility options.
-What is the baseline fee and what services are included?
-Are there additional charges for products or services?
-What upfront payments are required and are any of them refundable?
-What fees will continue to apply if your loved one is away from the facility, such as spending time in the hospital or a nursing home?
-When, why, and how frequently could fees change?
-Is there any financial assistance available?
-Will you need to purchase renters insurance?
-Who is responsible for cleaning, repairing, or replacing items if an accident occurs?
Personal Care
Ask each facility to describe how it can meet the care needs of your loved one. Consider how they cope with mental health conditions, incontinence, dementia, or other concerns. Also, address the possibility of changing needs if your loved one plans on residing at this facility for the long term.
Individual Needs
-How does the facility determine if it can cater to your loved one’s needs and what type of assessment is required to make this determination?
-What happens if your loved one’s needs change while living there? 
-Does the facility tailor schedules for dressing or bathing to meet resident preferences?
-How does each facility help residents retain their independence in terms of using the restroom, eating, or dressing?
-If a resident becomes difficult to manage, how does the staff handle the situation?
-How often are rooms cleaned?
-Is there a schedule to check up on residents’ well-being and whereabouts?
-How many staff members are on duty at all times?
-What are staff responsible for and what are their certifications and level of training?
-Is staff specially trained to help residents with mental health issues?
Health Care
-Does each facility develop a written plan for how it will care for your loved one? If so, how often is this plan updated?
-How closely can you, your family, and your loved one be involved in the care process? 
-Can you take action if you do not agree with the facility’s care plan?
-How intensely will the facility monitor your loved one’s health?
-Is a nurse on the staff, and what are his or her hours and duties?
-How quickly will your loved one receive medical attention if they do not feel well and what medical services are provided?
-When would the facility alert the family or doctor about medical concerns?
-What precautions are taken to ensure that your loved one receives the appropriate medications and how are the medications filled? 
-What costs are involved in medication treatments?
-Who reviews medication procedures and how frequently are reviews conducted?
Other Important Considerations
In addition to physical care, it is also important to consider factors contributing to your loved one’s well-being. For example, learn about any transportation that is provided to help them get to the places they want or need to go. In addition, ask about community or social activities. It is important that your family member is able to engage with others when they feel so inclined. Consider events like bingo, card games, crafts, or spiritual and religious gatherings. In addition, you should also learn as much as possible about:
Meals: When are they served, how are they served, and what is served?
Safety and choice: How is independence emphasized while also providing adequate safety and care?
Accessibility: Can a loved one with mobility issues safely and easily move around the facility?
When looking for the ideal facility for your loved one, take these factors into consideration. Work hand-in-hand with your relative to learn more about their preferences and remember their special needs. Together, you can find the perfect facility that will greatly improve their everyday life.


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