Monday, December 12, 2011

Tips for Keeping Your Mind Sharp

5 Ways to Keep Elderly Minds Sharp
Maintaining a certain level of mental stimulation is important to the elderly, as it allows them to exercise their minds and pursue their interest in particular activities. Although physical limitations may seem to restrict the nature of these activities, there are many ways in which you can help your elderly loved one maintain a sharp mind.
  1. Socialization is one of the best ways to keep your elderly loved one exercising their mind. Participating in a variety of organizations allows elderly individuals the opportunity to interact with other people, think about new ideas, and use their problem solving skills to both address the needs of the social setting and exercise their brains.
  2. Do jigsaw puzzles that have bright colors. This activity is two-fold. First, the bright colors stimulate the brain. Second, the act of putting together a jigsaw puzzle requires individuals to think about the activity. This is a wonderful exercise and jigsaw puzzles come in a variety of sizes, so most elderly individuals will be able to do them.
  3. Create a schedule. Some elderly individuals may find it difficult to leave the house, and others may find that they have no reason to. Make a list of interesting activities that your elderly loved one would like to pursue and schedule time each week to do so. From attending a religious service to attending a book club, any kind of scheduled activity will give your elderly loved one something to look forward to while also stimulating their mind.
  4. Play board games. Puzzles and games provide excellent exercise for the mind. Try dominoes, checkers, chess, Scrabble, or any other games that require strategy.
  5. Play word games. From crossword puzzles to word searches, these games stimulate the minds of elderly individuals. These are also games that can be performed alone, so your elderly loved one can exercise their mind when they are at home or unable to leave the house.
Keeping your elderly loved one's mind sharp is important. These five suggestions will enable your elderly loved one to exercise their mind while also enjoying games, social events, and other activities.

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