Friday, December 2, 2011

Winterizing Mom's Home

Winterizing Your Mom's Home: How to Battle the Elements in Homes of the Elderly
Winter can be a beautiful yet harsh time of year, as plummeting temperatures can cause health problems and create hazards for elderly loved ones. At Always Best Care in Chapel Hill, we want your parents to experience the joys of the winter season, not the frustrations of the emergency room. Though it is part of the South, Chapel Hill in Orange County certainly experiences its fair share of winter weather. To keep your elderly loved ones safe this season, follow these tips to properly winterize their homes.
1.       Turn off all exterior water lines. Not only can the pipes burst if the water is left on, but any leak can cause a puddle and, during freezing temperatures, a highly dangerous patch of ice.
2.       Ensure that the home is properly insulated. If the insulation is lacking, even houses with the thermostat set to eighty degrees Fahrenheit will feel drafty. This can cause discomfort and even have ramifications on the health of your elderly loved ones. Check the attic to make sure that the insulation is adequate. Also, take the time to walk through the house and address any drafts that may be coming in through the windows or doors.
3.       Invest in a programmable thermostat. Keeping their home at a consistent and warm enough temperature is important in keeping your parents in good health this winter. A programmable thermostat will ensure that the home stays at the appropriate temperature and will only turn on when necessary. Furthermore, the programmable thermostat can save money in utilities expenses.
4.       Regularly replace air filters. To keep the heating system working as efficiently as possible, the air filters should be changed monthly to avoid buildup of dust and debris. This will also contribute to keeping the air clean and keeping your parents in good health.
5.       Check the electrical outlets before using space heaters. Many elderly individuals like having a space heater to carry around the house, as they may get cold easily. If your parents would like to use a space heater, make sure that there is a safe place for them to put it in each room. Check the electrical outlets to ensure that they are properly covered and that they do not spark when the heater is plugged in.
Keeping your parents warm and safe during the winter season takes a bit of effort, but by following these winterizing tips you can be sure that your elderly loved ones are comfortable in their home. Home care professionals from Always Best Care in Chapel Hill ( can also help by providing quality senior care services.

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