Thursday, April 26, 2012

Always In Touch...a new FREE service

At Always Best Care of Chapel Hill-Durham, we are committed to serving seniors and their families in our community and beyond.  We have launched a new service that is completely FREE with no obligation:  Always In Touch.  Do you have an elderly loved one or have an elderly neighbor who may benefit from a daily check-in by phone?  Are they homebound, isolated, disabled?  Are you too busy between your household, children and work to make that needed phone call to them every day?  Sign up with our Always In Touch program and we will make the phone call for you…every day, Monday – Friday, at a prescribed time between 11 AM and 8 PM Eastern.  We will make two attempts to call and ensure that your loved one is safe and sound.  If we can’t reach them after two attempts, then we will notify you or a friend or a neighbor – your choice.  Their location doesn’t matter…they can live here locally or anywhere in the country.  Allow us to provide you peace of mind – again, at NO COST.  Call 919-357-1440 to speak with a senior care professional.

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