Monday, June 4, 2012

Preparing for a Medical Emergency

Senior care providers often have to be prepared for medical emergencies, particularly if the elderly individuals they take care of have health conditions. Manny, a senior care professional in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, knows all too well the importance of preparing for the possibility of a medical emergency.

Manny provides senior care to several elderly members of the community, one of which suffers from diabetes. Diabetes is a dangerous condition that can cause many severe and even fatal complications. For this reason, being prepared for the adverse affects that such a medical condition can cause is imperative. Manny talked to the family of this particular patient, whose name is Joshua. He instructed the family to maintain an emergency kit of medical supplies and to teach all of the children in the family how to call 911 in case of emergency.
A few months after Manny started providing senior care to Joshua, he received a call from Joshua's niece. Joshua had lapsed into a coma due to a spike in his blood sugar. One of his grandchildren, who was 12 years old, dialed 911 and went through the list of emergency instructions that Manny had left with the family. Thanks to her quick thinking, Joshua survived and is back in the comfort of his home.

Senior care services are meant to keep elderly individuals safe while providing a level of security for both seniors and their families. Manny's work with Joshua's family illustrates the value that proper preparation for a medical emergency holds. To keep your senior safe, you and your family should create a medical emergency plan and educate all of your family members concerning its execution.
Here are some tips for preparing for a medical emergency:

  • Keep emergency supplies, such as insulin, an epi-pen, etc., in one central location.
  • With the supply kit, store instructions about how to use these items.
  • Teach all children in the family how to dial 911 and how to recognize when a medical emergency is occurring.
Senior care professionals in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, are available to help your family prepare for a medical emergency if you would like assistance.

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