Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Cost of Assisted Living

One of the primary concerns for families whose elderly loved ones are considering moving into an assisted living facility is cost. In many instances, families may be covering the expenses associated with the elder care that their seniors need. For this reason, it is crucial that they are able to understand how much such care will cost—and what options are available to seniors who have limited income and must stick to a strict budget. If your loved one is looking at assisted living facilities in the Durham area, or in any other community within North Carolina, here are some basic details regarding the costs that such care may incur.

Ø  On average, assisted living costs $2,600 per month.

Ø  The seniors who live in assisted living facilities in North Carolina, and oftentimes their families, pay between $1,700 and $5,100 per month.

Ø  Additional fees may be charged to residents of assisted living facilities according to any extra services that seniors may need. For instance, short-term medical care after a surgery or fall may increase the charges associated with a month at an assisted living facility.

Ø  Some seniors opt to hire outside in-home care after a medical treatment or other procedure. This is a cost that may increase the total amount spent on senior care, but not the amount paid to the assisted living facility.
The cost associated with assisted living services can vary greatly from one community to another. By comparing both the expense that each facility presents and their amenities and resident programs, you and your elderly loved one can find a community that fits your budget and the best interest of your senior.

When visiting the different assisted living facilities that you are considering, it is important to understand why they charge certain costs and which, if any, are optional. Don't hesitate to ask the professional who is guiding you through the tour what the monthly costs cover, including social events, community programs, meals, and other items. Remember that the least expensive assisted living facility is not always the best choice, but that the cost associated with the community that your elderly individual chooses is of central importance.


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