Thursday, June 12, 2014

Activities for Elderly Dads on Father’s Day

Spending time together is one of the best gifts you can give your older dad on Father’s Day. But if you both are up to it, you can do so much more than have a serene visit around the kitchen table. There are lots of ways to get out and do fun, safe, enjoyable activities together. Depending on your dad’s personal needs or mobility level, consider these fun ways to spend time in each other’s company on his special day. 
Go to a game. Summer is in full swing, and that means baseball games are scheduled all season long. Consider taking him to a game to watch the fun, catch up, and cheer for your favorite team. However, take into account the walk to the stadium from the parking lot and back. Also think about how far up seats are in the stadium. By considering senior care and the level of physical activity involved, you can better determine the best tickets to purchase. 
Plan a picnic. This activity will get your dad up and moving, which not only helps boost his spirits, but it is also great for senior health. If you visit a Durham park that has a grill, you two can cook the meal together and get him involved. When choosing your spot, again, consider the walk to and from the car. Also take into consideration how far away or close by the nearest bathroom is.
Stroll through the old neighborhood. Take your dad on a trip down memory lane. If you used to spend time together in a neighborhood nearby, go for a leisurely walk and take in the scenery. Look at what has changed and point out what has stayed the same through the years. Reminisce together and stimulate the mind and body while walking around the area. 
Play a team sport. Your dad might still be able to play many games that get him moving in a safe way. A slow pitch softball game, a free-throw contest on a basketball court, or a game of horseshoes can all be fun, competitive, and safe games for you two to play together. Try to find something that will get your dad moving without straining his body too much. Also, take lots of water breaks. No matter how much time you spend playing or just resting between rounds, you will get to spend some fantastic quality time together.
Play a board game. Grab a card game, puzzle, or board game and head somewhere nice. Maybe sitting out on the porch or picking a spot in the park is the ideal spot for you two to spend time together on Father’s Day. This activity will stimulate the mind and urge you both to be strategic, engaged, and involved.
Volunteer. Volunteering together is a great way for you to both join in on an activity and work for the greater good. Take this chance to help out at a soup kitchen, youth outreach program, or a community garden. Choose activities that your father will enjoy as much as you, and keep his strengths in mind. If he’s a great communicator, maybe he will want to spend time joking around with and inspiring kids. If he has a green thumb, helping out at a local garden will put his skills to use. Plus, bonding over something as wonderful as volunteering is a creative, special way for you two to make memories together on his special day. 


  1. I think that these are great activities to do on Father's Day. I want to help my father find a senior care to go to in Elgin, IL. I'm sure we will complete a few of these activities next year on Father's Day.

  2. Your post is fantastic. I would love to get updates from you. Keep blogging. All the best.

  3. These seem like some really great activities to do with my grandparents. I have been trying to find things that we can do together, because as they've grown older I just haven't been able to see them as much. Next time I see my grandfather I'll have to try out a few of these activities.