Thursday, June 19, 2014

Tips for Incontinence Care while Traveling

Including your older family member or friend on your summer vacation is a fantastic way to spend time together and bond with one another. But if they face incontinence issues, travel away from Durham might require a bit more preparation to make sure everyone involved can vacation safely and comfortably. Millions of Americans who experience incontinence find it difficult to travel on trains, in cars, or on planes. But with the help of their family and friends, and a little planning ahead, they can make the most of their trip and enjoy it to its fullest. Here are some ways you can help provide personal elder care to your loved one and make sure they have a great vacation. 
While on trains or planes, make sure your loved one is in an aisle seat and has easy access to bathrooms. An aisle seat will make it simpler to get to the restroom when necessary.
Because planes or trains have minimal waste disposal areas, an older relative or friend might find it difficult to dispose of any incontinence products they use. Consider suggesting a product designed for superior protection, like specially designed underwear. These can hold greater amounts of leakage and can better control odor when on long trips.
Car rides are often a more convenient way to travel for those facing incontinence. Rest areas are strategically placed along interstates and highways. When traveling in a car with your older loved one, bring along your GPS system or smartphone. This will allow you to more easily locate gas stations, restaurants, and other areas where your loved one can use a bathroom.
Food and Drink
Providing proper care for elderly loved ones involves keeping communication open. Before the trip, work with your relative or friend to learn which foods or drinks worsen their symptoms. Certain items could stimulate incontinence and exacerbate the problem. Make it easy for your loved one to reduce their consumption of caffeine, salty foods, or alcohol. Don’t stop for refreshments at a place that only serves problematic foods. 
Travel Kit
Prior to heading out on the road, put together a travel kit for your older family member or friend. The kit should include:
-Plastic bags with seals or twist ties to make disposal of soiled items easy and hygienic.
-Antibacterial cleansing liquids and hand wipes.
-Incontinence products such as liners or pads for lighter urinary leakage. Pack incontinence pants for moderate or light leakage, if also used with liners or pads. Also consider packing protective underwear for heavier leakage. In addition to these, also make sure your kit includes:
-Extra pants, outerwear, and undergarments.
-Travel soap and paper towels.
Pack these items in a small backpack or bag that is light enough to carry around. 
Advance Planning
While planning out your vacation agenda, try to schedule in bathroom breaks after meals. Also, while visiting tourist attractions, ask guides or check maps to locate the nearest restrooms. Since your loved one’s daily routine will differ on vacation, try to monitor their cholesterol and blood pressure while traveling. These are important for overall good health, and can help you assist your loved one in protecting against incontinence.
Providing care for seniors on vacation just means a little planning ahead. With some preparation and open communication, you and your older loved one can plan for a fantastic trip that everyone can enjoy comfortably, safely, and fully.

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  1. We are planning to take our grandma to Europe with us this fall on vacation. I was worried because she needs a lot of care to get around. This article had great advice and I found the travel kit to be very useful. This will help in our preparation for the trip. It's so important to plan for senior car when you're planning to travel with an older family member, I agree.

    Jessie |