Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Caring for Your Senior's Social Wellness

July is social wellness month, which means that it is a wonderful time to consider the social aspect of your senior's life. Studies have shown that depression, feelings of isolation, and loneliness can all stem from a lack of social activity, meaning that it is extremely important for elderly individuals to remain engaged in their community and spend time with friends and family members. Home care Chapel Hill professionals know that this is not always easy, particularly if your senior is facing medical conditions or other limitations that restrict their mobility. But with these tips, you can care for elderly socialization needs.

Ensure that your loved one has access to reliable transportation. 
Whether you personal drive your senior to their social events, hire an eldercare professional to do so, or call upon friends and family, it is crucial that your loved one is not stuck in their home. For many seniors, the inability to drive themselves to community centers, book clubs, sewing groups, etc. is the primary reason why they experience a decline in social activity. Talk to your senior about the events that they would like to attend and ensure that they have a ride to and from these gatherings.

Encourage your elderly loved one to join an interest group. 
For many seniors, the sad reality is that they have outlived many of their friends and even family members. As such, they may experience a dwindling in their social group, which can become depressing. To keep your senior's spirits up, encourage them to join an interest group in order to meet new people and engage in their favorite activities. Walking, book, cooking, and sewing clubs are highly popular. Additionally, taking classes at the local senior center is a wonderful way to stay socially active while learning new skills and making new friends.

Depression is a common concern for seniors, as they may feel isolated as they continue to age. Whether your elderly loved one is aging in place independently or calls upon the assistance of professional home care providers, it is crucial that you take the time to ensure that all of their needs are being met—including those pertaining to their social activity.

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