Monday, July 22, 2013

Home Modifications to Allow Your Senior to Age in Place Safely

At home care organizations, the safety and security of seniors is the top priority. As such, the home care, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, professionals who are responsible for the wellbeing of elderly individuals are dedicated to helping create a living environment that is suitable for seniors who wish to age in place without compromising their health or safety.

One of the main concerns that families have when their loved ones decide that they want to continue to live in their own home instead of move into a nursing or assisted living facility is that the house is not tailored to their needs. In home care agency professionals encourage you to take the following tips into consideration.

  • Build a ramp or handrail leading to the front and back doors. Eldercare professionals realize that one of the challenges that seniors face is the task of getting in and out of their homes. Many houses have steep steps or unlevel ground leading to the door, and this can prove exceptionally dangerous for seniors who have limited mobility. Building a ramp will make the task much easier, but installing a sturdy handrail is effective if your elderly loved one is able to walk. 
  • Improve safety in the bathroom. The bathroom is a dangerous area for seniors because there are so many slick surfaces. For instance, elderly individuals may slip and fall when in the shower or when trying to walk across slippery tiles. Additionally, the physical action of stepping into and out of the shower can cause seniors to lose their balance. Modify this room with handrails and nonslip floor coverings to keep your elderly loved one safe. 
  • Create pathways throughout the home. If your elderly loved one is in a wheelchair or uses a walker, it may prove difficult to open doors or navigate rooms that have a great deal of furniture in them. Make sure that their pathways are clear and allow them to access all of the rooms in their home with minimal difficulty. For instance, you might remove doors between the kitchen and living room or dining room or rearrange furniture to create a wider walkway. 

These tips should help you to make some of the modifications necessary to create a safe environment for your senior.


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  2. Senior Care at Home is a good option. Most Seniors prefer to stay at home because they feel comfortable, independent and secure in familiar surroundings.Their family can support by modifying the house as per requirement so that seniors can move around safely.