Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Enjoying Fourth of July Celebrations with Your Senior

The Fourth of July is a favorite holiday among many individuals, and it is a wonderful time to celebrate with your family! If you are providing eldercare for your loved one, or if they are benefitting from the services of a homecare professional and are able to attend your party, it is important to keep a few key pieces of information in mind in terms of creating a fun event that everyone can enjoy. Below are some tips from to help you plan a successful celebration that meets your senior's needs.
  1. Consider any dietary guidelines that your loved one must follow and make sure that you serve foods that your senior can eat. 
  2. Ensure that there is comfortable seating for your elderly loved one. While picnic benches are par for the course at Fourth of July celebrations, your senior needs a more supportive chair with a back. 
  3. If the party is to be held outside, arrange the seating beneath a tree to keep your senior cool. If necessary, use umbrellas to create a shaded seating area that will be comfortable for everyone. 
  4. Help your senior pick out an outfit that is appropriate for the weather and keep a light sweater on hand in case they get chilly after the sun goes down. 
  5. Remember to protect your loved one's skin with sunscreen to prevent burning. 
  6. Assist your senior in finding a place to rest where they are still part of the party but are not too close to the grill, playing children, etc. 
  7. Keep your elderly loved one hydrated, particularly if you are celebrating outside. Make sure that your loved one always has access to fresh, cool drinking water. 
  8. If your loved one has issues with incontinence, make certain that they can easily access the restroom and that you have a predetermined signal for when they will need assistance doing so. 
The Fourth of July is, for many families and groups of friends, a wonderful time to get together and celebrate. While these parties are certainly a great deal of fun, it is important that you care for elderly needs of your senior while enjoying the festivities.

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