Thursday, August 22, 2013

At-Home Exercises to Keep Your Senior in Shape

Eldercare professionals understand that, when it comes to caring for your senior, one of the most important responsibilities that you hold is to keep them active and as physically fit as possible. For elderly individuals who have limited mobility this can prove challenging, but it is not impossible! When it comes to homecare, Chapel Hill professionals know that there are many ways in which you can work exercise into your senior's schedule.

One important note to make before diving into the different exercise tips for your senior is, when providing care for elderly individuals, make sure that you understand their physical limitations. Home care professionals understand that improving health takes effort and exercises should challenge your loved one; however, don't push them so far that they suffer from an injury.
  • Walking: If your senior is able, try to go for a 30 minute walk each day. During nice weather, take a stroll around the block or neighborhood. If there are any parks nearby, drive to these locations and enjoy the great outdoors while spending quality time with your senior and getting in some cardio. When it's too hot or cold outside, or if it is raining or snowing, take the exercise indoors by walking around the mall. 
  • Encourage hobbies: Gardening, shuffleboard, and other popular hobbies are wonderful sources of exercise, as seniors are able to get their bodies moving while enjoying their activity. If there is an interest group within the community, encourage your elderly loved one to join and enjoy both the physical activity and socialization that this group can provide. 
  • Stretch daily: Stretching is an important aspect of physical fitness that is often overlooked. It is essential that seniors are able to maintain a certain degree of flexibility in order to prevent limited range of motion. Try daily stretches to get your senior moving in the morning and help them unwind and relax before bed. 
  • Physical therapy: If your loved one has certain injuries or illnesses that prevent basic exercise, schedule an appointment with a physical therapist. This professional should be able to provide you and your elderly loved one with a list of exercises that they can perform at home. 

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