Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Outdoor Activities for the Elderly: Getting Your Senior Outside

For seniors who have mobility limitations or who suffer from certain injuries or illnesses, staying indoors is often the routine in order to minimize their discomfort. But eldercare professionals assert that, if your senior can get outside, there are so many benefits to soaking in a bit of sun that it is well worth the effort to spend some time out of doors. When providing care for elderly individuals, though, you may find it difficult to come up with ways to spend time outside. Below are some activities that homecare professionals believe will help you and your elderly loved one to enjoy time spent out of the house.

Going for a Walk
If your senior is able, going for a stroll through the neighborhood or a nearby park is a wonderful option. For elderly individuals who have mobility limitations, it is a good idea to find a park with a paved walkway so you can push them in their wheelchair. The beauty of the natural surroundings and the simple pleasure of the fresh air will both serve to reinvigorate your senior and allow them to enjoy time spent in a new location.

When friends or family come to visit, seniors normally sit in the living room or kitchen with their loved ones while catching up on one another's lives. Instead of staying indoors, try moving out to the porch or backyard. Additionally, a nearby park with benches and a great view of a lake or pond is a wonderful option.

Elderly individuals who enjoy gardening will certainly love getting out in the yard and getting their hands dirty. As seniors get older they may have difficulty lifting heavy bags of soil and completing other tasks, so make sure a friend or family member is available to help them and keep them company. Additionally, make certain that your loved one has access to all of the resources they need, like knee pads and a hat, to keep them comfortable while enjoying this hobby.

There are so many different ways that seniors can spend time in the great outdoors no matter their mobility limitations. These are just a few of the activities that your loved one may enjoy.

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