Friday, August 16, 2013

Living Alone: What Is the Danger?

Living alone is something that countless individuals do, as they often prefer having their own space to sharing a place with a roommate or moving in with family members. For numerous seniors, aging in place means living at home, oftentimes alone, throughout their golden years. But the truth is that elderly individuals may have a difficult time carrying out certain activities of daily living as they get older, which can make it quite dangerous for them to live alone. In terms of home care, Always Best Care Chapel Hill-Durham professionals know that an eldercare provider is a wonderful asset to seniors who would like to continue living with the highest degree of independence possible.

What Are the Dangers Your Senior Faces?
Any in home care agency will tell you that there are many risks that seniors must overcome in order to maintain their safety while living alone. Below are a few of the dangers that independent living may present:

  • If seniors fall or suffer from any other kind of injury or illness they may not gain access to the medical attention that they need, as no one will know of their predicament. 
  • Meal preparation is a difficult task for many elderly individuals, who may face malnourishment and dehydration if they are not able to cook healthy meals and access clean drinking water. 
  • Maintaining a home requires a lot of physical activity, including yard work, cleaning, and making small repairs. Many seniors may injure themselves trying to keep up with the needs of their property. 
  • Should an emergency occur, such as a flood or fire, seniors who have limited mobility may not be able to get out of the house in time. 

These are just some of the many dangers that seniors face when living alone; however, the good news is that home care professionals can help your loved one retain the lifestyle they want without compromising their safety.

Calling in the Help of a Professional
Eldercare professionals can provide seniors with a high degree of support, as they assist with activities of daily living (dressing, cleaning, meal preparation, personal grooming, etc.) and take care of the responsibilities that might pose a challenge for seniors. Additionally, their companionship means that seniors have someone near in case of emergency, which is incredibly important.

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