Thursday, May 8, 2014

Celebrating Mother’s Day with Your Elderly Mother

Choosing the perfect Mother’s Day gift can be tough, especially when you are trying to find the right present for an older mom. Her interests might differ greatly from yours, making it even more challenging to know just what to give her. Whether you want to purchase something special or create a memorable do-it-yourself present, you might need a few ideas to get started in the right direction. Most importantly, always consider her unique preferences—that is the key to finding the right gift that celebrates her and all she has done for you.

Memory Jar 

Rather than giving a jar of candy or treats, this is a jar that highlights some of the most important things you two have shared together. Find a good quality, attractive jar, gather some pieces of decorative craft paper, and set aside a bit of time to reflect on the memories you have spending time with one another. Consider things you have done together, some of her favorite family traditions, or special things she has said or done that has impacted your life. On each piece of paper, write a unique memory of a great time you have shared with her. Fold the pieces and place them neatly in the jar. She can read them all at once, or set aside time each day to read a new memory.

Pass things up

Instead of your mom passing things down to you, pass some of your most cherished items up to her. Look through your drawers, closets, the attic or basement and search for special mementos. If you have an old pair of your mother’s  earrings, or an old playbill that has been forgotten in storage, consider offering them up as a heartfelt gift. Care for elderly moms starts with remembering what is most important to them. Many of her greatest memories might be tucked away in your home, and Mother’s Day is the perfect time to bring them back into the spotlight.

Plan a date

Providing care for seniors, especially for an older mother, means tuning into their personal needs. Consider taking her for a pedicure if she has trouble with her feet, or for a special meal if she has dietary restrictions. Remember that, even though she may have a limitation, there are even more ways to make her feel special and let her enjoy the special, little things in life. Even more, spending time together is one of the most precious gifts you could give an older mother. Don’t rush through the meal or treatment. Rather, slow down and listen to what she has to say. Enjoy the conversation and put your full attention on her. It is her special day, after all.

Order delivery

If you live far away from your mother but still want to show her how special she is to you, consider doing something that will make her life a little easier. Even from a distance, you could make a big difference. For example, consider signing her up for a meal delivery service. A hot, homemade meal sent right to her door is sure to put a smile on her face, especially if she knows it was sent from you with love.

Rather than buying any old gift, consider what would mean the most to your mom this year. Consider these personalized present ideas, and reflect on how you can make this year’s Mother’s Day the best ever for your amazing mom.  

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