Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Care Options Available To Your Senior After a Stroke

After your senior has suffered a stroke, you’ll need to dedicate a significant amount of attention to helping them rehabilitate and regain their skills. Those who work in elder care services explain that the recovery that takes place in the days and weeks immediately following the stroke becomes essential to your loved one’s long-term prognosis. As this recovery happens, your elderly parent has a number of different care options available to them. These options include:

In-home care

This is a good option for a senior who still enjoys significant physical abilities, but could use a little assistance with daily errands and chores. They may need help cooking, cleaning, or getting in and out of the shower. This kind of care ensures that the elderly individual is getting proper nutrition, living in a clean home, and taking their medication on time. However, it is not a viable solution for someone who was left immobilized after a stroke. In many instances, this option is only feasible if the stroke that your loved one suffered was mild. 

An assisted living facility or nursing home

For many stroke patients, this is the ideal choice when it comes time to recover. They can get more extensive medical care in a Durham nursing home or an assisted living facility, and will have someone to assist them with all necessary daily tasks. Those who care for seniors explain that both a nursing home and an assisted living facility can ensure that the elderly individual is well cared for. The best option for them simply depends on the severity of the stroke. 

When residing in one of these facilities, an elderly person has access to all of the care they need to get them started on the road to recovery. Family members can feel at ease too, knowing that their senior is not trying to bathe, cook, and clean on their own without assistance, which can be highly risky. Many facilities also make it easy to get necessary therapies, such as physical, occupational, and speech therapy. These kinds of programs are important as your elderly parent works on recovering and getting back to their pre-stroke health. 

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  1. My uncle had a stroke recently and he needs a lot of help. The doctor suggested to his family that they look into assisted living facilities where he can recover. It will be good for him to get extensive care.

    Susan Head | http://www.alpinemanor.com/rochester-assisted-living-services