Tuesday, June 4, 2013

5 Ways to Prevent Falls for Elderly Individuals

Since June is National Safety Month, now is a wonderful time to discuss one of the most important aspects of care for elderly individuals: fall prevention. Homecare professionals understand that falling is one of the most dangerous risks that seniors face, as it can result in a long list of injuries that range from mild to fatal. Below are some of the ways in which today's eldercare professionals encourage you to help protect your loved one against this risk.
  1. Maintain a clean living space. Whether your senior lives with you or in their own home, it is essential that you make certain that they have a clean living environment that is free of clutter. When items are left on the floor and are not put away properly, seniors are more likely to trip over them and suffer from the injuries of their fall. Try dedicating one day per week to helping your loved one clean their living space and put away any items that are left out and about.

  2. Fix any uneven flooring, including chipped tiles, warped hardwoods, and snagged carpets. In many cases, seniors who fall do so because they trip. If the flooring in your loved one's home is not even and well-maintained it can pose a high degree of threat to your senior's wellbeing.

  3. Move any electrical cords that may obstruct the walkway. In many cases, individuals have to get creative when it comes to running electrical cords from televisions, DVD players, and other items. Having wires that cross walkways, though, is a major problem for seniors. If necessary, rearrange the furniture to ensure that your loved one can walk through their home with ease.

  4. Improve safety by replacing worn rugs, installing non-slip backing, and fixing upturned edges of carpeting. Rugs are wonderful for keeping a space warm and comfortable, but when they become worn, start to slide, or their edges begin to turn up they can prove dangerous to your loved one.

  5. Install slip-resistant materials in the bathroom. Adding slip-resistant mats and other products to the area in front of the toilet and the area in front of the bathtub—as well as the bottom of the tub—can help keep your loved one safe. 

With these five tips, you can better safeguard your senior against a fall.

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