Friday, June 21, 2013

Keeping Your Senior Safe from the Summer Heat

Summer is a favorite season for many individuals, as it often provides a much-needed reprieve from the colder temperatures of winter. But the truth is that warmer weather can cause a wide range of problems, from dehydration to heat stroke. Eldercare in Chapel Hill is an activity that focuses on keeping seniors safe no matter what the weather, and the homecare professionals in this city encourage you to understand what, exactly, you can do to keep your loved one in the best of health this summer. Below are some tips from these eldercare professionals.
  1. Make sure that your loved one drinks plenty of water. During the summer, individuals can find that they become easily dehydrated—particularly if they are spending any time outside in hot temperatures.  Buy a portable water bottle for your senior so that they have access to drinking water no matter where they are. Additionally, invest in a pitcher filter that they can put in the refrigerator so that they can have cold, delicious drinking water on hand.
  2. When temperatures soar too high, encourage your loved one to stay indoors. If staying home isn't an option, or if they do not want to stay at their house for an extended period of time, take them to the mall or another indoor setting where they can enjoy being out and about without suffering from overexposure to the heat.
  3. Talk to your senior's doctor about their health and learn whether or not they are particularly vulnerable to higher temperatures. Some medical conditions can make it dangerous for elderly individuals to stay in the heat for too long, so make sure you know what to look out for when your loved one is outside this summer.
  4. If your senior insists on going outside, try to get them to do so during the early morning hours to avoid the heat of the day. For instance, they could get up and do their gardening prior to 10:00 am to stay out of the direct heat and benefit from cooler temperatures. 
The eldercare professionals of Chapel Hill encourage you to keep these tips in mind as you care for your senior this summer.

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