Friday, June 7, 2013

Working with Your Siblings to Care for Your Senior

When it comes to homecare in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, there are many options open to your elderly loved one. But in order to determine which eldercare decisions are best for your family it is important that you work with your siblings to create a care plan for your elderly parents. While it may seem difficult to get all of your brothers and sisters on the same page regarding your loved one's needs, it is important that you have the support of your siblings during this process—particularly if you are opting to provide care for your senior instead of hiring a professional.

Below are some great tips from the professionals who are trained to care for elderly individuals that should help you to create a care plan that will meet your loved one's needs.

  • First and foremost, determine whether or not you will need assistance from trained eldercare providers. This may be necessary if you and your siblings cannot share this responsibility due to geographic location, work obligations, family responsibilities, etc.
  • If you and your siblings do decide to work together to provide the care your loved one needs, create a schedule to ensure that everyone is clear on when they are needed. Having a weekly schedule will also make it simpler for you and your siblings to balance the other aspects of your lives, as it is important that you are able to maintain your other responsibilities while offering care to your parent.
  • If you have siblings who live out of state or who are not able to physically help, involve them by asking them to spearhead other activities, such as calling in prescription refills, making doctor's appointments, handling financial issues, etc. This will keep them involved and will ensure that all aspects of your loved one's care are managed.
  • Make your senior a part of the decision making process if possible. It is important for you and your siblings to remember that caring for your loved one is a priority, but it does not mean that you need to make every decision for them. Keep your senior as active in decision making tasks as you can. 

Working with your siblings is a wonderful way to bond with family members while ensuring that your loved one gets the care they deserve.

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