Tuesday, December 10, 2013

How to Help Your Senior Sell Their Home

Whether your senior is ready to downsize, move in with family, or is planning on heading to a new community, preparing their home for sale is important. Family members should help their elderly loved one ensure that they are getting compensated accordingly. In order to help your senior sell their home successfully, keep these tips in mind.

Find someone who specializes in this kind of sale

There are special programs where real estate agents receive training on senior housing. Seek out an agent who has an understanding of senior housing needs, as well as the implications of certain financial transactions. When the realtor you work with has your elderly loved one’s best interests in mind, it makes it easier to ensure that the sale goes smoothly.

Know what the home is worth

When your elderly loved one has resided in their current home for many years, it can become difficult to maintain a real sense of the value of the property. However, blindly accepting an offer without learning about the residence’s value is doing your senior a disservice, note the home care professionals of Chapel Hill.

Part of eldercare is ensuring that your loved one does not make any major financial mistakes, which means that they need to learn what their home is really worth. To do this, review the comparative market analysis that the real estate agent will provide you. This includes data from that area, including information about what similar homes have sold for recently. These details can help you guide your elderly loved one to making a smart choice as they prepare to sell.

Help your loved one declutter

When your senior is getting ready to sell their home, you will want to work with them to make the house look its best before potential buyers come to look at it. Those who care for elderly individuals explain that this is often a challenge, as your elderly loved one probably has a wide variety of belongings that they’ve accumulated throughout the years they’ve lived in the home. Be sensitive as you help them sort through their belongings, deciding what will come with them, what will get donated, and what will get thrown out. A clean, clutter-free home is much more attractive to prospective buyers, but the process behind it takes time.

While preparing your senior’s home for sale is no easy undertaking, working together ensures that your elderly loved one will make a smart financial decision.

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