Friday, December 6, 2013

The Best Gifts to Give Your Senior This Holiday Season

As the holiday season approaches, it’s time to think about what you’ll give your senior this year. The ideal gift for your elderly loved one should be practical, while also containing emotional significance. When you care for elderly individuals, you will get to know them well enough to choose a meaningful gift. Here are some suggestions to get you started.

A photo in a beautiful frame or a digital picture frame

Regardless of whether your senior lives in an elder care facility or on their own, pictures add warmth and love to their living space. Choose a beautiful frame that goes with the décor of their home, or consider purchasing a digital picture frame. This gadget allows your senior to store their favorite shots, which then rotate.

Comfort gifts

As temperatures drop, your elderly loved one will benefit from warm, cozy gifts such as a handmade quilt or slippers. These pieces will keep the elderly individual warm, while also reminding them of their family.

Some of their favorite old movies

Your senior will delight in receiving some of the movies they grew up watching as a child. Watching these films will take them down memory lane, and can be a great way to spend time when it’s chilly out. As an added bonus, they can share these movies with their grandchildren, which provides for a unique bonding experience.

An e-reader

If your elderly loved one is a book worm, they will love being able to read their favorite titles without having to go out and purchase a new book every time. E-readers add a convenience factor that can’t be topped, and also help to prevent books from overcrowding that elderly individual’s living space.

A gift basket filled with their favorite small items

If you’re looking to get creative this holiday season, think about making a gift basket full of your elderly loved one’s favorite things. This might include their favorite candy, a type of lotion they love, or some magazines you know they’d like to read. Arrange the items in a cheerful way and you have a highly personalized yet practical present.

The gift of home care

If you are still feeling stumped about what to give your senior this holiday season, think about the gift of home care. Care for the elderly is an essential part of ensuring that your senior lives comfortably. As your gift, you can pay for a month’s worth of home care, thus making it easier for the elderly individual to get chores and errands done. For many people, this gift can become a life-changing present.

Incorporating gifts that are both practical and sentimental is the way to go as you select presents for your elderly loved one this holiday season.

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